Ronald Henry Tammen, Jr. was a hard-working Miami University sophomore. He was a resident advisor, a member of the ROTC, member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, a bassist in the well-regarded Miami University jazz band and a varsity wrestler.

That is, until he disappeared April 19, 1953. Ron was one of four children brought up by a wealthy and patriotic family in Maple Heights, Ohio – a Cleveland suburb.

Thousands of people go missing each year, but neither Ron nor his remains, have been found. The Tammen family — Marcia Tammen is the only living relative — remains in the dark about the whereabouts, or happenings to their Ron.

Rumors say it was the draft that scared him, that he was swept with amnesia and wandered off in the cold that evening in 1953. Some say Ron got his girlfriend pregnant and ran away to escape the shame. Miami students hired psychics to conduct spiritual meetings to lure his spirit to unveil the happenings that April evening on two occasions. One psychic said he ‘saw’ a boy fitting Tammen’s characteristics was beaten and dragged into the night never to be seen again. Mrs. Carl Spivey, a Seven Mile resident, claimed it was Ronald Tammen who knocked on her door at midnight, wearing not much more than a t-shirt and pants, before he was never seen again.


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