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If you have questions for the journalist or have any information regarding the Ronald Henry Tammen, Jr. disappearance, email Amelia Carpenter with ‘Tammen’ in the subject line. I appreciate the interest!

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12 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Mark L. Herrle says:

    Has anyone considered that the dead fish in his bed might have been a clue to a possible message? Doesn’t the Mafia use dead fish as a warning that one could be dead soon?
    I know it sounds crazy, but the whole thing is crazy.
    I believe that I read that the Oxford police lost the files on this case, really? Does that not also sound crazy to you?
    How about he does all this in order to obtain a new identity(according to the police). He never contacts his family again over the next fifty or so years, He just lets them think he is dead all that time. Why, so he doesn’t have to serve in the military? Wait, it was because he got a ticket for running a red light and he felt too ashamed to show his face to anyone again.Actually, someone suggested that he killed himself over the running of the red light.
    All of these suggestions sound a bit crazy to me so, back to my original statement.I think it could have been a professional hit. The fish, the roommate being gone that night, the fact that his body wasn’t found even though back then students didn’t have cars on campus. Ronald had a car , but he had permission because he was a musician.
    Whoever killed him had to have taken his body far enough away so it wouldn’t be found. He was a big guy, big enough that even two or three people couldn’t have taken him several miles on foot.
    The whole area, even as far away as Hueston Woods was searched. He was probably taken by car, which pretty much rules out other students who didn’t have cars.
    Who knows? Maybe he got the wrong girl pregnant or something and her family had ties to the mob?(hence the fish). He got his blood typed a few months before his death in Hamilton. He could have done it in Oxford, but he didn’t. Why did he go to Hamilton? The same reason that anyone would have, he was hiding something.
    I do not know what happened, but I believe that we need to think beyond silly ideas that he had amnesia for fifty years or that he started a new life because he was dodging the draft(and forgot to tell his family for the next fifty years) and other such nonsense.
    Maybe because he disappeared in the 1950’s we think that it couldn’t have been a malovent cause for his disappearance, I don’t know. If he disappeared today would such causes be entertained, or would we consider more sinister reasons?

    ronald had a car because he was a musician and had permission.

  2. Mark Herrle says:

    Mark you are bringing up some very good points. Best argument so far for his disappearance.

  3. Mark Herrle says:

    I think you make some pretty compelling arguements

  4. Mark Herrle says:

    You are right, of course I could not have solved it at 1 or 2 years old. I would have had to have been at least 5 or 6 years old.
    I respect your decision to confront me on this. In fact, I would like to take you out and discuss this matter further.

    Awaiting your reply


  5. Mark Herrle says:

    God! I can’t believe what an arrogant ass you are. No. I don’t want to go out with you. God!

    could you come over here?

  6. Mark Herrle says:

    That was a nice break from a serious discussion but I wish there were more facts from this case.

  7. Mark Herrle says:

    Is everyone out there dead? Let’s have some more ideas.

  8. Mark Herrle says:

    Why does this whole thing have to be shrouded in such mystery and intrigue? Why couldn’t our mysterious Mr . Tammen have just run away to join a circus? Maybe he is traveling with one as we are writing this. Did anyone consider that?

  9. Mark Herrle says:

    Actually I did consider that idea and have been traveling the country scrutinizing all the circuses with white males that look likr Ronald Tammen. But,I realized after visiting dozens of circuses, I was looking for Ronald Tammen the young man, not Ronald Tammen the old man. He would be about seventy-eight or something. now.
    Soooo, now I am starting over and will be searching for white males who look like an older Ronald Tammen or like my father(he also disappeared). I will update this sight as my search progresses.

  10. Mark Herrle says:

    Please excuse my poor grammar and punctuation. Also, I meant to spell site, not sight. It has been many years since college and I cannot find my reading glasses. Gotta go, I think I saw my dad, he is prancing around in tights twirling a baton.

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