By Amelia Carpenter

Click here to listen to the Dec. 15 Broadcast.

Anchor lead-in: Some call it a ghost story … others … a mystery. Either way, the whereabouts of a student who went missing from Miami University 67 years ago are still unknown.  Amelia Carpenter has the story.

Ronald Henry Tammen, Junior was an All-American Miami University sophomore.

He was a resident advisor, a member of the ROTC, member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, a varsity wrestler, and a bassist for the Campus Owls, Miami’s well-regarded jazz band. That is, until he disappeared April 19, 1953.

Tammen was last seen the evening of April 19th by a fellow Fisher Hall resident whom Tammen was studying with.

Tammen’s roommate, Charles Findlay, returned to 225 Fisher Hall around midnight. Ron’s psychology book was open on his desk with the radio playing … and the light on … next to his wallet and car keys.

Findlay assumed Tammen was at the fraternity house or in a different room. After about an hour, Findlay retired for the evening.

When he woke the next morning, the light was still on, the radio playing, but Tammen was not here.

Outcue: (without a trace) ( seconds)

Detective Frank Smith shares the opinion of the investigators at the Butler County Cold Case Unit in Hamilton.

Outcue: (we just don’t believe that) (seconds)

There are countless theories about what happened to Ron Tammen, but nothing is proven. Some say it was the draft that scared him. Some say that Ron got his girlfriend pregnant and ran away to escape the shame.

Outcue: (in something like this) (24 seconds)

DNA obtained from Marcia Tammen, Ron’s sister and only living family member, should be through the database by the first of the year in 2011.

Outcue: (promising lead? Not really.) (seconds)

Outcue: (haven’t stepped forward yet) (seconds)

Marketing Professor David Rosenthal uses Ron Tammen’s story as an exercise in his creativity and decision making in marketing course.

Outcue: (as a creativity exercise in the class) (seconds)

President emeritus used to tell the story of Ron Tammen.

Natural Sound: (…) (seconds)

It could be today … it could be in years … but for now, the disappearance of Ronald Henry Tammen, Jr. is still a mystery. 


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