Helpful FOIA (and Privacy Act) Facts

I received a nice email today from a gentleman with the American Immigration Center who found my Learning Experience post helpful. (In case you don’t want to read the whole post, I’ll give you the bullet point version).

  • Filed a FOIA to the CIA that didn’t include all the necessary information back in April 2011.
  • Got denied. Was humbled.
  • Filed again, got my docs (they had been requested before, so it was relatively quick).
  • Don’t do what I did – check out these links. (Two years later, and they’re LOTS better).

The man who emailed me shared a comprehensive list of facts that’s worth reviewing if you’re ever going to file a FOIA request. Here’s another helpful link if you’re FOIA request is specific to the CIA. Hope this can be helpful for others, as well.

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One Response to Helpful FOIA (and Privacy Act) Facts

  1. Do you think the Tammen case could be connected to that of Richard Cox?

    I wonder if both of these guys were recruited–as spies maybe?

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