Active Missing Person Alert

Twenty-one-year-old Katelyn Markham was last seen August 13 in Fairfield, Ohio. Her fiance was the last person to report seeing her.

Kentucky private investigator Virginia Braden just updated her website with the full article.

According to Braden, “Fairfield police are currently investigating her disappearance. If you have seen Katelyn or have any information about this case, please contact Detective Rebecca Irvin at  (513) 867-6094.”

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4 Responses to Active Missing Person Alert

  1. Krystie Keller says:

    thank you for posting this and spreading the word, Amelia. Some friends created a poster to hang up in local venues. You can find it on her facebook page or mine. I am John Carter’s (her fiance’s) aunt.

  2. Megan Gordon says:

    God bless you, Amelia! Thank you!

  3. Megan Gordon says:

    Amelia… please contact me at I am a friend of Katelyn and working diligently with media and additional contacts to get more attention on Katelyn’s disappearance.

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