Miami FOIA Request


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2 Responses to Miami FOIA Request

  1. ameliabell44 says:

    The Office of General Counsel has denied the request citing it was “ambiguous and overly broad,” and I have responded with a clarified request including specific dates of documents and/or information and correspondence between the university and specific government agencies. Any additional correspondence with the university is also requested. Details to follow.

    In addition, I have inquired about “The Phantom of Oxford,” an award-winning documentary produced by WDTN in the 1970s.

  2. joe says:

    Wow, Im a Miami soph and this story has sparked my interests also. Its a crazy set of circumstances forsure. I honestly think there had to be some criminal action that occured. Any man or women that decided to get up and start a new life would at least take SOME of his or her personal belongings, especially considering the fact that the considered setting was the early 1950s in oxford, which even nowadays feels like its in the middle if nowhere. The amount of resources Ron had were basically limited by his bank account, personal info, and vehicle: all of which were abandoned. Thats cool that your investigating this story, please post whatever info you attain in your scrutiny of the case files. nice job

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